Thursday, February 28, 2008

We are too old for the pink pig!

So, Eric and I took the kids to see the Pink Pig at Macy's this past year

....and let's just say, there is no room for a

9 year old girl (aka: Madeline), an 8 year old girl (aka: Sariah)

and a BOY of any age (aka: Tanner)
Note the "fake" faces.... 'tis true....

Sarah has a blog!!! Sarah has a blog!!!

Truthfully, I finally found all of my friends from home (aka: Bartlesville, OK), read my families blogs', and loved seeing pics of their kids, lives, and loved one...and guess what????? I am that important too!!!! :) So now you get to see my family, my friends, my life....and all that other crap you care NOTHING about!!! Enjoy....and let's hope I can figure all this out so you can read lots and lots!!!