Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ahhhh, the beach.....and the wind!!

Just a teaser pic of the kids at the beach last week. I have so much to post, and so little time.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

We will be MIA...... the beach!!! We're off to sit in the sun for a few days, and we can't wait. Finally some time just for me and the kids. So needed, and so deserved!!! We'll post lots of pictures when we return. Ones you can see....


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Oh yeah......

And more 4th pics are coming. I have to resize them. That's fun. So I'll get to them as soon as the laundry is done......

If you've ever set foot in my bedroom, you have a small glimpse of when THAT will be......

Kids say the darndest things.....

Tanner woke up from a 3 hour nap at 9pm tonight. He decided he was hungry, but didn't want what I had fixed for dinner. What else is new? That's not true, because I don't waste money on things they don't eat. But that's beside the point. I am tired, and have zero energy to fight:

T: I'm hungry
S: K, what do you want?
T: I dunno
S: K, you want pb&j?
T: No
S: You want a quesadilla?
T: No
S: K, you want cereal?
T: Can I eat it with a spoon?

S: Huh?

Mom, what does he eat cereal with at YOUR house????

Kids say the darndest things.........

Monday, July 7, 2008


I have no clue how to fix this. It has never been a problem before. Savy bloggers, ideas???

.....and check out what it did to the pic right below this post when I try to stretch it. Cute, real cute!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

....4th of July, off to play!!!

We headed off to Snellville where the 3 main churches on Main street were hosting a free party for what seemed like the entire city of Atlanta. At first, Eric and I could only think that 30, 000 people (yep, that's what the pastor announced they expected the turnout to be!!) mixed with my 3 little ones, translates into something like this.....

"Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mama, mama, mama, mama"

"Honey, where is Sariah?"

"Honey, do you have T?"

"Maddie, where is Eric"

Not my idea of fun on my favorite holiday. Then Janet and Ed said "naw...we'll go and tag team the kids" Eric and I sheepishly agree......and are so glad we did. We had sooooooooooooo much fun!!! See below for tons of fun pics!!!

Super Cool Old Cars!!!

Is that a............????????

Is sure is a PURPLE Lamborghini....and why not? I mean, if you are going to own a Lamborghini, why wouldn't you have it be distinct???? No comment!!

And then we see it.........


The girls decide that the rock wall is just their thing. I don't have many pics of this one. Waiting on some more from Ms. Janet. She was on Chica duty from the beginning!!

Tanner finds a few blow-up's that he likes......

And then we find the Mother-Load!!! Let me pre-empt the following pictures. Yes, you can clearly follow for yourself, but what kind of mother would I be if I didn't brag......just a little!!!

First and formost, the line for this ridiculous blowup was no less than 45 minutes long. So I do the proper thing...and stand in line for my precious child while he goes with Eric to play on other less interesting rides. Only to have him waltz back over as all the other children are hot, tired and crying and wondering why this little boy's mother loves him more than their mother's love them!!! Hahahaha!!

(Just a little pic of the girls in line for a jumpy across the way.....while I wait in line for Tanner!!)

You have to laugh. You don't get to do this stuff often enough!! He waltz's in line as the last little girl in front of him takes her turn. I must also note that while I stood in line, ate 2 wands of cotten candy, and drank 3 bottles of water, only 1, count it 1 child made it to the top. I am carefully disecting the following blowup so that I can tell my precious one just how to be the best and impress the rest!!! And we wonder why he thinks he's so cool??? It has NOTHING to do with me!!! Eric and I position ourselves on both sides, give him proper instruction, and watch him cruise!!!!

See below..................
Suiting Up!!!

Suiting up a little tighter
......humor me please!!

We're off!!!


You're almost there!!!

Dude!! You are amazing!!!

OMG!!! He did it!!!!

You'd of thought from the cheers coming from the crowd that this little monkey had just broken a world record. Let the record show, I was his biggest supporter!!! :)

Now the next pic doesn't do him justice. He literally repelled down that "mountain" like he'd done it a million times. The kid is 6, and I don't recall ever letting him repell off a mountain!! Uncle Levi? Uncle John? Perhaps Uncle Justin? Uncle Scott happens to be off the hook for logistical reasons. Mmmm-hummmm. He was down that thing so fast I couldn't get a better pic of it.

The guy that was holding his rope was literally "Mr. Gold's Gym", and I think he had more fun helping T than T did climbing it. The last thing he said to Eric as T was getting his "stuff" off, was "Man, that is the cutest kid!!! He looks just like the kid off of a Christmas Story! I love that movie!!" Said the man who looks like he could snap me in two with his pinkie. Just sorry we didn't get a pic with him!!

So.....then we meet up with the girls and start on the face painting. Sariah started a trend throughout the whole crowd. I tell you what, if you're not gonna do it big, why do it at all??

Everyone should paint their whole face at least once in their life!!!

Here is a Pre-Maddie and T face paint. This is the teaser. You must check back tomorrow to find out what else happended on our awesome 4th of July. Seriously, out of 285 pictures, only 6 were bad....and those were of me!!! So much to blog about, so hard to pic the pics!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Just a few pics of our awesome day that turned into an awesome weekend.
Hope you enjoy them!!!

First, lunch with Eric's family. And Riah looking like she's just been caught doing something.....

Maddie taking a moment from playing hide and seek in the house to pose.....
Maddie and Eric....and Maddie is officially "caught".....I swear he looks like he's holding a trophy!

Maddie and Ms. Janet hangin' in the kitchen after bar-b-q-ing

Time to play with Tigger the cat....and where did Maddie find this love for cats?????

That's my girl!!! Sariah playing with the cat with a broom. 5 Feet away!! Ok, Tigger likes having his belly rubbed with a broom, but it still suits my purposes just fine!!!

Maddie is a total camera hog. But I had to post this pic. She's too cute with that cat!!

And the blue and white to go with our two reds.....T himself....far away from the cat. :)

Ok, this cat cracks me up. He'll hide anywhere, bring home anything, and typically love on anyone. On Friday, he was infatuated with the fog lights on E's car....and tried to climb in them!!

Ok, stay tuned for the next part of our day!!!!