Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The moment you've all been waiting for.....

The 2009 Allgood Talent Show!!!!
Featuring our very own:

Maddie Bastings

Friday, March 1, 2009
Allgood Gymnasium

Get there early, as this event will be packed!!!

*Gramma and Papa, we'll post the video!!*

Anyone wishing to stay at my house is welcomed......just be prepared to pack a box or two!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

April's funny from Tanner......

Basic Monday night. Mom going through Tanner's backpack. Looking at his school work from the previous week.
Prelude: Tanner does everything perfect. I'm not joking. In fact....the ONE time he brought home a "non" smiley face for his behavior grade, I freaked out. His teacher said, "Let him mess up!!! It's good for him. He needs to understand that feeling."
Me: Are you kidding me??????? Tanner doesn't mess up!!!!

I got over that.

Back to the story.

I'm reading over Tanner's work for the week. Everything is perfect. As usual.
UNTIL, I come to the "forbidden page!!!" The page with 3, count them, THREE errors, right in a row!!!! The conversation ensues:

Mom:(screaming from downstairs) TANNER!!!! Come down here.
Tanner: Yeah?
Mom: What's up with this paper? You missed three questions right in a row....ABOUT A PICTURE OF A GIRL SLEEPING!!!!
Tanner: Yeah.
Mom: Ok, what is she doing?
Tanner: She's sleeping.
Mom: So you understand what she's doing?
Tanner: Yeah
(mind you, the question is "What is the girl in the picture doing?")
Mom: So why in the world did you miss it?
Tanner: (With eyes half way rolled, half qwerkie grin on his face....) Um, yeah, Mom, I wasn't paying attention.
Me: Um.............................ok?

What do you do with a kid who's PAINFULLY honest?????????? I couldn't even get mad. He told me, plain and simple.....I wasn't paying attention. So I ask him the questions...and he answered perfectly. GAG!!!! FINE!!!! Don't pray for kids who are amazing....YOU WILL GET THEM!!!!

"Wednesday was the best day EVER!!"

Or so my children say. I was reminded this week of how very little your little ones need to feel appreciated or loved. Many of you know I'm in school, rapidly trying to obtain the dream of becoming a nurse, but was reminded this week that no matter the degrees we earn, the jobs we obtain, or the relationships we have, nothing is greater than the relationship we have with our families.
My study group met on Wednesday night. Too bad for them...they missed out on me. That's my night with the kids. Literally. Weekends are spent running errands, grocery shopping (oh how they despise it!), laundry, church, a study group if I can squeeze it in....basically being a mom. Monday night, get the kids in "school week" mode. Homework for them and a basic planing of the week. Tuesday and Thursday school for mom, ballet, Activity Day Girls and the park if Auntie JoJo can manage...and Friday they are off to their Dad's.
So Wednesday is "our" day. This week it consisted of the movie "Bedtime Stories", homemade nachos and ice cream topped with brownies and whoppers. (Sorry you weren't there mom!) I just didn't realize how much they enjoyed it until today. Today being Friday. Today being the last day I see them for 7 more days. On our way to school, it's the ritual:
Did you get your lunch?
Did you get your snack?
Did I sign off on everyone's homework?
Are you going to have a great day?

But today I was in for a treat. Today I asked, along with all the mundane morning questions:
"Did you have a great week?"
And I heard a resounding "YES!!! Especially Wednesday!!!"
I asked why?
"Because we didn't have homework, you didn't have school or lab, and we ate dinner together and watched a movie!!!"
Wow! I'm shocked, surprised, and a little saddened. How little it takes to show them how much you love them....despite how much you "have to do."
Did I really prioritize laundry, groceries, work and school over them? I did...and I'll never do it again. I want them to grow up with memories of us. Not memories of how Mom went to school. Gag....can you imagine???
At any rate....I'm no pro at being a fact, if you looked at one of my most recent posts, you'll realize that even I don't notice how quickly the time goes by. Love your children. Love them with everything you have, before you do anything else. They will grow up to be images of you. Oie-vey....can you imagine???

Just a quick....ok long....thought about being a mommy. I do love my most full time job....I love you Maddie, Riah and T.

We call this "rapid blogging"..... in , I don't have time to stop during the week and blog, so we catch up on the weekends!! Enjoy.

An interpretation by Tanner.....

I realize this is VERY late, but to me, it simply doesn't matter.

Tanner made me a Valentine's Day card this year. I found it in his backpack while cleaning out for the next day. He bashfully said "I made it just for you."

I opened the card, and saw the most amazing thing....a drawing of my baby....

I'll share it with you......

He said "I put my glasses on and spiked my hair!!"

Who has the coolest kid in the world??? I DO!!!!!

You forget how little they once were......

Mom sent this pic to me today and I could have died. I forgot how much I adored Sariah at this age....and Madeline...still the maternal one. She loves her little sister so much, even today....although sometimes I question her intentions!! :o)

I love my girls!!!! Now look how they have changed......

Sariah with the same look on her classic does that get???

And Maddie with that smile.....