Wednesday, January 6, 2010

For Papa.....

Cuz without him, my son would never have thought to make his own ramps......
.......out of a pile of wrapping paper.

Love you, Dad.

And the outside video that Tanner talks about above......

I'm pretty sure she's the happiest kid on earth....

It's a spaceship to the moon.....

"Mom, can I have that spinach box from Costco?"
"Sure, why?"
"It's a spaceship to the moon!"

....8 years old and he still loves the free box from Costco....

Man I love that kid!

*look close....he's in there*

Christmas 2009

The kids finally made it home from Oklahoma
and we had Christmas #1214 for 2009.
I'm totally serious kidding, kind of.

At any rate, here are fun, fun pics of Christmas Afternoon 2009

Prior to the destruction

(Mom's FAVE gift ever!!!)
Monogrammed towels from Gramma and Papa!!
"Not Me" moved out of our house over Christmas,
And left Maddie, Sariah and Tanner to cover for him!!!
No more "phantom" towels left on our floors!!

Sariah in L-O-V-E with her new EZ Combs for her
2 tons of hair.  They work so good!!!

blackmail,  eh-hem,  memories for Madeline...

The only kid left who still loves toys....
Go Bakugan!

And the Granddaddy of it all.....
DS's for everyone (T's isn't in this pic....)
And a massively huge John Dear RC Tractor
to race around the cul-de-sac!!!

Merry Christmas!!!


With my pretty new blog settings, I'm "willing" the sun to Georgia!!!!

Pray for sun......lots and lots of sun......

....I hate cold.....