Monday, April 28, 2008

High School Musical Update....

7:00pm!! 7:00pm!! 7:00pm!!

I originally told you 7:30pm. I was wrong.

Mark you calendar for May 5th-at 7:00pm

Get there early (i'm talking at least 6:30pm if you can swing it!!)

I'll save as many seats as I can.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let me introduce.....

My Commute

This is what I saw when I turned on to PIB this morning:

and this is the beginning of the 5 mile stretch to I-285.
Yes, I was going slow enough to take pictures!!

And then I saw this.....

Yes...this is what Eric and I call Mr. Gas Light.

Mine tends to not come on or to "ding" anymore.
It knows I don't have any money to put in it.
It stretches itself to the limit.

So, drive, drive, drive, drive, drive.

5 miles and 45 MINUTES LATER.....

I see this....

The only thing I can figure

(from me trying to drive and be Ansel Adams

at the same time)

is that these are HUMONGOLOID springs....

What are HUMONGOLOID springs doing on the

side of the road right on the entrance to I-285????

Merge, merge, merge, merge, merge...

and I totally let someone in who didn't do a

"Thank You" wave....


And I see this.......

do you see the green dumpster????

It was holding the contents to the

SEMI that was laying ON ITS SIDE!!!!

Ok, sorry. I couldn't take a pic of the semi.....

Or else someone would have been

taking a picture of me!!!

All I can figure is that the big truck

with the springs got run

off the road by the giant semi who

was trying to turn on to

285 and was clearly going to it fell over.

This is my commute to work every day.

You've gotta LOVE this city!!!

And Nicki....I am not like a bad boyfriend. This is what

I was dealing with so I didn't get back on the phone with you.

Lova ya!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here's your application for a new mom!!

Let me set the stage.

It's Wednesday night. The kids and I have come from work and school
and it's roughly 6:30pm. We are very excited because
the kids have started CRCT Testing, so there is no homework,
(Mom is happier about this than children are-I PROMISE!!)
Mom is caught up at work so she didn't bring any work home,
So the children are more excited than mom.

Given the abundance of time
(believe me, when you finally have a 3rd grader you'll understand
what I mean about abundance of time.
The amount of homework these kids have is STUPID!!!)
Mom decides that she can make dinner as opposed to fixing cereal.
She is also feeling spunky and decides the house needs a good cleaning.

Shores Cleaning=Living Room Being Moved Around

Cue the AUDITION for a new mom:

Children: "Can we play the Wii"
Mom: Not until your chores are done.
Maddie and Riah: Sweet!!
Tanner: (Envision 6 year old THROWING himself amongst the furniture),
"AAAAAughhhhhh! Uugh, mmmmmmmmm, gosh, mmnnnnnhhhhhuh"
Mom: Hey Tanner, all you have to do is take out the trash.
Get it gathered up, and let me know when
you are ready to head to the dumpster.
I won't even make you walk.
Tanner: How do I do that?
Mom: (not yet annoyed) You got get a white trash bag from under the sink,
take it to the 2 (yes only 2 as opposed to the 12 I gathered when I was 6!!!)
bathrooms, dump the trash and bring it in the kitchen.

Tanner: But how do I do that?
Mom: (I'm totally confused at this point.....) Um, go in the kitchen, open the cabinet
under the sink, take out a trash bag, fill it with trash, bring it to the kitchen.
Tanner: (Imagine him saying this in what I call his baby girl voice)
Aughhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....I don't know what you mean.

Tanner: (in a, "she totally bought it that I didn't know how to empty the garbage" tone)
Oh. I didn't know what you meant.
Mom: OH MY GOSH!!!!
Tanner then proceeds to empty the garbage.
We take it to the dumpster. We come back.

Tanner: Can I play the Wii now?
Mom: As soon as your room is picked up.
No toys on the floor, all shoes in the closet,
and all dirty clothes in the hamper.

Tanner: Aughhhhhhhhhhh!! Mom, but my room is a mess!!!
Mom: (I'm soooo laughing to myself) Yep!!!
Tanner: (no words)
Aughhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmm, aughhhh, mgh, huff, puff, SLAM!!!!
Mom: (Not laughing anymore!)(No words just yet)
Open door, whack, whack, whack. "No Wii the rest of the week."
Change your attitude and get in line with this family. SLAM!!!

Night proceeds. He gets over it relatively quick.
(not playing the Wii is a death sentence apparently)
We eat dinner, and Sariah and Tanner head for the showers.
This is were it gets good....
Tanner gathers his things, heads for the bathroom.
Closes the door and starts the shower.
Two minutes later, bathroom door opens so
he can throw his dirty clothes in the hamper...
I'm in the kitchen and can see him through the bar opening.
He looks me square in the face and in a tone I can only describe as
"The idot blonde in the Miss Teen pagent who tried to describe
Why citizens can't point out the US on the globe":


"Hey, Mom. You might wanna think
about doing some laundry!!!"


I'm gonna beat that kid!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I couldn't help myself..... one of my last posts I brought up
"fond memories of Coronado Elementary in Hobbs, NM"
....and in this wonderful world of the web we live in, I had to do a little search.............
and guess what I found??????
Go find out for yourself!!!
It hasn't changed a BIT!!!
Try this one too....
Go Cougars!!!

Consider this your invite....

To see the makings of a STAR!!!
Madeline will have her first choir performance
(ok, 1st perf. that she wants to do!)
Monday, May 5, 2008
Allgood Elementary
Dallas, GA

It is suggested that you get there early.
Take it from a wanna be hover-craft, stage mom...
It will pack up early!!!

Our little Diva will be dressed as,
The One, The Only...

Sharpay !!!!!!!
Of course, the blonde in blue...
And we must dress up like our fave
character, so any help would be appreciated!!
Everyone's gonna be awesome!!!


Maddie and Sariah were walking home from Gramma's house yesterday,
and I couldn't help but notice how much alike (yet painfully different) they are!!
In this pic, (yes, I still dress them alike-get over it!!)
every step they took was perfectly in sync.
In 10 years when they won't talk to each other
I'll pull this out and remind them of the one day....
One fleeting day.....
That they got along!!

Apples on a stick.....

they make me sick!!!
Makes my heart go 2-40-6!!!!
Really? I mean really?
Am I really old enough to have girls that
do the same things I did, and I still remember
doing them? This brings up fond memories of
Coronado Elementary in Hobbs, New Mexico.
I couldn't help but take a pic of the Mads and Riah
doing this the other day while patiently waiting their
turn on the coveted Wii!!
Such good girls....................most of the time. :)

This is my fake smile....

You can't help but love that smirk. And the cute gagsta' hat to boot!!!