Friday, April 30, 2010


Baseball season is dang near over, and I must admit....that saddens me a bit. 

We have the best time at the ball fields with T, and love like heck to watch him play.  He is my superstar.  I love being a baseball mom!!!

I said to T the other day that we'd be visiting the Braves soon, and I'd be working hard at getting some autographs.  I asked if he'd like me to get Brian McCann's "John Hancock" (braves Catcher...same position T plays) and he promptly said "How about Chipper Jones?"

At least he has good taste in baseball players.

Here he is batting....

And here he is making an awesome effort at 2nd base....

That's my T. I can't wait until we have box seats for the Braves!!


Let us start with the one who never gets to start first.

Ms. Sariah!!!!

During the final chorus performance of her 4th grade year, they had to dress up like specific characters.
She not so surprisingly chose Sharpay Evans.....the beautiful blonde with the amazing know, the one Sariah looks just like???  She sang and was so fun!!!  And we even found a cute pink dress to boot!!!

Such a Diva!!!