Thursday, October 29, 2009

11 Years Ago Today......(OMG, really??????)

In a town called Orem, Utah, she made her grand entrance......

(42 weeks and a zillion hours later!)

She became the 1st of many 1st's......

(such a show off!!!)

She was the most amazing gift I could ever imagine.....

(and still won't make her bed....)

She was a blessing given to me.

(truth be told.....she does help make dinner!)

She made her grand entrance,

(and her grand she heads for ballet,
choir and whatever else she needs to be chauffeured to these days!)

And has been doing it ever since.

(I do love her more than life and can't imagine it without her!!!)

Happy Birthday, Madeline Ashley, Happy Birthday.

I love you more than life....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To the youngest man in my life.....

Happy Birthday Tanner Andrew!!!
You are my most favorite boy in the entire world.
I'll never forget the day you came into this word, and how you've grown ever since.
You have the biggest heart and most amazing mind.
You are what every Mama in the world prays for.
You are my hero.
I love you most even if you say you love me more!!!

Happy 8th Birthday Dogger!!!!