Friday, July 31, 2009

Around the world in 7 days.....

Or so it felt like it. E and I just got home from an amazing vacation to the Southern Caribbean. He surprised me with it 3 weeks prior,
and it could not have been better.
We started our trip by flying to San Juan to board the
Carnival Victory, and from the moment we stepped on the ship,
I felt like we'd boarded a trip to Heaven.
I won't bore you with too much detail, but will document via pictures instead.

That's our ship down there!
This is a pic from the plane as we were flying into San Juan.

A Royal Caribbean Ship directly across from ours at port. I love how it looked
at night. Since we only sailed at night, I couldn't get a picture of ours this way.

Us at our Muster Station.....
being good little passengers and doing the safety drill.
We laughed so hard while this was going on, and I'm so glad E got this pic.
OH, and all was fun and games until there were
700,000,000 people around me,
and then claustrophobia set in and
E saw a WHOLE new side of me. Yuck!

Leaving San Juan!! Can you tell how stinkin' excited I was???

Our messy room.....(note to self, take pic of stateroom AFTER room steward cleans it!) post.....stop #1!!!

Stay tuned!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Now you see it......

Now you don't.....

I forgot to take a pic of her super cutie A-line cut that Auntie Kelly
cut it in to....but we'll add that soon! :o)

She donated her hair to Locks of Love-again!
This is her 2nd time to donate 9+ inches!!
We figure she's got 1 year to grow it back out before
her next ballet recital.

Proud of her....she does great things and has the biggest heart!