Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

Just a few pics of our awesome day that turned into an awesome weekend.
Hope you enjoy them!!!

First, lunch with Eric's family. And Riah looking like she's just been caught doing something.....

Maddie taking a moment from playing hide and seek in the house to pose.....
Maddie and Eric....and Maddie is officially "caught".....I swear he looks like he's holding a trophy!

Maddie and Ms. Janet hangin' in the kitchen after bar-b-q-ing

Time to play with Tigger the cat....and where did Maddie find this love for cats?????

That's my girl!!! Sariah playing with the cat with a broom. 5 Feet away!! Ok, Tigger likes having his belly rubbed with a broom, but it still suits my purposes just fine!!!

Maddie is a total camera hog. But I had to post this pic. She's too cute with that cat!!

And the blue and white to go with our two reds.....T himself....far away from the cat. :)

Ok, this cat cracks me up. He'll hide anywhere, bring home anything, and typically love on anyone. On Friday, he was infatuated with the fog lights on E's car....and tried to climb in them!!

Ok, stay tuned for the next part of our day!!!!

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Landlocked Shores said...

hey! fun to see what y'all did for the 4th... wish the pics weren't tiny... I can't steal them for scrapbooking.