Tuesday, August 4, 2009

St. Thomas

St. Thomas was the first stop on our trip through the Caribbean.
It was also the first day of "real" vacation. No alarm. No computer. No cell phone.
No email. No Facebook (*sigh*). No crackberry. Nuttin'.
Best day ever. In fact, it could have been in tim-buck-two,
and it wouldn't have mattered to me. I was so happy.

This is what we woke up to on Monday morning.....

Eric opened the curtains to the balcony and this is what he said.....

"Oh my gosh. You have GOT to see this!"

To which I (begrudgingly) obliged, as I was soooooooo cozy in bed....."ok..."

No explanation needed. I said to E,
"um, we went to sleep in San Juan and woke up in paradise!"

We then threw some clothes on and went exploring.
It didn't take long to figure out we were still tired.
We got the obligatory t-shirt (I think???)
and marched our cute butts right back on to the ship.

Here is what we got pics of......This was parked next to our ship. It was a mini ship.

People still have money. Obviously.

Riah said
"Mom, it's the yacht off of Fool's Gold!!"

Smart Girl!!! Looks just like it.This is the Hilton at the bottom tip of the island.

Ok, the next clip warrants an explanation:

The night before at our muster station, we were chattin
it up with the crew. We asked them how often the rescue boats get
tested. They said "every trip out to sea. The coast guard requires it."
We said, huh? Cool. Never seen it done before.
Guess what we saw the next morning?

Insert SHORT video:

Cool, huh?

Levi, don't laugh. It's not nice.

Ok. That was St. Thomas. We enjoyed the ship that day! :o)


Leviticus said...


St. Thomas is the most common place for ships to do their crew drill... most ships will alternate with another port so that the boats on the other side can get launched too.

I'm actually a Coast Guard certified Life Boat Commander! The hardest part of all of it is bringing the life boats BACK to the ship.. something that will never need to be done in an emergency.

Did you actually sleep through the seven-short, one long?

Sarah said...

I thought you'd like that!! I just thought it was neat to see them in the water. And duh, never thought about the "non" need to put them back on the ship.
Either we slept through the seven-short, one long, or we thought our ship was just announcing "we're here!" I'm such a dork!!!
How cool that you are certified. I wanna write that on MY resume!!! :o)

K. T. Sparks said...

Sarah you look like you having such a good cruise!
Sorry it was so rainy for you!