Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let me introduce.....

My Commute

This is what I saw when I turned on to PIB this morning:

and this is the beginning of the 5 mile stretch to I-285.
Yes, I was going slow enough to take pictures!!

And then I saw this.....

Yes...this is what Eric and I call Mr. Gas Light.

Mine tends to not come on or to "ding" anymore.
It knows I don't have any money to put in it.
It stretches itself to the limit.

So, drive, drive, drive, drive, drive.

5 miles and 45 MINUTES LATER.....

I see this....

The only thing I can figure

(from me trying to drive and be Ansel Adams

at the same time)

is that these are HUMONGOLOID springs....

What are HUMONGOLOID springs doing on the

side of the road right on the entrance to I-285????

Merge, merge, merge, merge, merge...

and I totally let someone in who didn't do a

"Thank You" wave....


And I see this.......

do you see the green dumpster????

It was holding the contents to the

SEMI that was laying ON ITS SIDE!!!!

Ok, sorry. I couldn't take a pic of the semi.....

Or else someone would have been

taking a picture of me!!!

All I can figure is that the big truck

with the springs got run

off the road by the giant semi who

was trying to turn on to

285 and was clearly going to it fell over.

This is my commute to work every day.

You've gotta LOVE this city!!!

And Nicki....I am not like a bad boyfriend. This is what

I was dealing with so I didn't get back on the phone with you.

Lova ya!!!


Landlocked Shores said...

ROFLOL... You SO are like a bad boyfriend and not just on that day... but I do still love you. Oh and by the way.. those things looked like rockets not springs.

*heart* "the unemployed sister"

Katherine said...

girl...I FEEL YOUR PAIN. In my job search I am looking in Acworth. That's all...just Acworth. Maybe I can find a job where I get to WALK to work?!