Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MRI, Schmim-r-i.....

6 1/2 Years Ago-First Grand-Baby Boy is born.
(Ahhhh, it does feel good to have a "first"....oh, make that 3 "firsts". :) )
3 months later-Baby Boy, ("T"), decides having a "shark bite" would be SUPER cool!!!
3 Months Later Than That-Mom, Dad and Big T head to CHOA at Egleston for heart surgery that will leave a BEAUTIFUL "shark bite"and the nurses wishing all patients could go home this happy and healthy!!
Fast Forward.......................................2 Weeks Ago...........

I take my baby boy back to CHOA at Egleston and decide that if we never step in those doors as a family again-it will be too soon. Needless to say, a rush of memories (good and bad) slapped me in the face, and I thank God every day that he is with us.

Funny enough, I'll never forget when we brought T home and Papa was sitting there with him trying to convince me that his feet are freezing and purple. Ok, Dad. Sure they are. He's fine. I'll put some socks on him. Dad should have been a Cardiologist as far as i'm concerned, because I don't think it was 2 weeks later that the Dr. tells us, yes, his Aorta is blocked. The blood is not flowing to his lower extremities. This is why his feet are so cold. Great. Could you not mention that to my father, as I, being the "Oh so informed parent of 3" know so much more than my father who has raised 8. Nice.
At any rate, Tanner had his 5 year (hey....5, 6, what's the big dif?)
"envasive" MRI about 2 weeks ago, and all is great. He's still a pain in the bootie,
but he's great. Thought we'd share some pics from our hospital visit. I figured since
I didn't take any from his surgery, this was as good as it was going to get.

I must say, this Dude was tough.

He watched the nurse the entire time she did his IV and didn't budge.

And this just goes to show that CHOA has it all figured out.

Put a TV and a DVD player in EVERY room, and you will have the happiest,

calmest child anyone could ever hope for.

Oh, and having your Lucky Bear doesn't hurt anything either!!

We love you, T!!!

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John IV said...

Glad to hear everything went well. Keep kicking butt and taking names T-dog!!