Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Never question a 6 year old.....especially one named T!!!

Here you go Auntie Kelly......
Conversation that happened last night at dinner:

T: I know what a centrillion is.
Riah: There is no such thing as centrillion.
T: Yeah there is.
Riah: No there isn't!
T: Yuh-huh....ask mom "MOOOOOOMMMMMMM......there is to such a thing as centrillion isn't there?"
Mom: (to herself) Um, I don't think so???? (outloud) Um, T, I don't know about that.
T: "Mom, yes there is. It's a 1 followed by 14 zero's".
Mom: Really?
T: Yeah, I learned that today. Oh, I think it's more like 300 zero's.
Mom: WHAT?????
T: Yeah, and I told you being a rocket scientist was boring.
Mom: OMG!!!

For the record....I looked it up, it's 303 zero's to be exact. And who needs this kind of useless information? AND WHAT BUSINESS DOES MY 6 YEAR OLD HAVE KNOWING IT???? He makes me feel so stupid some times! :)

Again.....never question a boy and his facts!!


The BirdHouse said...

That little smart arse!! haha And PLEASE don't tell me that Tanner is 6 years old. Has it really been 6 years?? Good grief, Time flies!

The Sixth Sister said...

BAHAHAHA! I love it!