Saturday, September 13, 2008

When cheap gas is $4.39 a gallon....

This is what you hang with gramma and papa and paint the play house!! This was actually more fun than I thought it would be!!! Check it out.......

This is the totally cool playhouse. I even got up in it!!

Maddie's cool pink windows....she anticipates the walls being painted lime green by her interior decorator sometime this week. We should also have window treatments in by the end of the month. Have to wait for "just the right fabric....and softness" understand.

This is T's self inspired "Atlanta Falcons" themed "room". He would have painted it red and black if we had the black....but we didn't. So when either Gramma or I find the black paint....Falcons it will be. And let's be honest, Tanner made out when he chose his "room" in the playhouse. He has a rock-wall AND a super, duper, land you on your boo-tay, slide. Fair warning: If you try it and land on your arse, we will all laugh......and enjoy it. :)

And when you are as cool as WILL be a UGA cheerleader one day....while you study to be a rocket scientist, of course. :) Riah filled in the big red G, and I did the white outlining while the whasp's ATTACKED ME!!! Ask Gramma, she'll totally vouch. Anyway, Sariah painted her window's red, and it looks great!!!

Now....if only I had gotten proof that they actually did all of this. Not one of my siblings would believe my kids got dirty.....or painty.....or actually liked the "work". They really did, I swear. Ok, now the burden is on you.....COME AND SEE IT!!!!

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Swaparella said...

The playhouse looks GREAT!!! So I'm guessing its at G'ma and Papa's house right? Where is the picture of the new house? Thanks for blogging... I will have to catch up to!
Loves - Auntie Nicki