Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!

I'll never forget the day she was born. 2 weeks over due, 8 hours of petocin....and the booger wouldn't have a darn thing to do with coming into the world. Options presented to us were:
1-Have a C-Section

2-Finish the remaining 4 hours of petocin dosing, if she doesn't come, come back on Sunday (3 days later) and try again.

You chose.

My response:

Option 3-Pick a new plan...cuz I ain't having a C-Section and I ain't leaving without a baby!!

Roughly a decade later....she presents her tiny 6lb. 12oz. little body to us and I couldn't have cried harder.

Matt and I made fools of ourselves trying to be perfect parents. Including the following:

-Rushing a sleeping child to the ER because "she was sleeping too long and would not wake up!!" I kidd you not. We really did. From that point forward.....she never slept again. Until now...and she's still the worst in the world to wake up.

-Buckling her carseat in "backwards/upside down/in the wrong seatbelt" only to be driving back from SLC to Orem and Matt say to me...."hey, check on her". I look in the back seat and her carrier is literally laying on its side. Do you think she woke up?

Okay....this was not the "retarded parents post"...let's talk about her.

-She's amazing. Kind of bossy....but amazing.

-She's selfless. Except to her brother and sister...I'm pretty sure that's allowed. No teacher loves a child more than they do Maddie. She'd give you the shirt off her back.

-She's funny. And when she laughs, she laughs so hard she cries. I love it.

-She can sing. God bless America!!! She got the good talents!!! She really does have a set of pipes, and i'm excited to get her into vocal lessons. Sure wish her Gramma Vicki lived closer...what's the use of having a Gramma who's a vocal coach when you can't take lessons from her? What are the odds???

-She is SUCH a girl....and my mother dared say to me tonight, "What? She's exactly like you were!! Only you were worse!" And then Dad agreed!! Oy Vey!!

-She's my oldest baby. I love her more than life!!! And she's 10. I'm gonna throw up.

Being sung to in the office at school. She was the only one in the entire school with a birthday on the 29th. That's the most amazing thing in the world to me. When you grow up in a family as large as mine, we shared EVERYTHING. I love it that no matter what, you might have to share clothes, a room, a bathroom, a car and possibly a toothbrush (put that in there to see if you actually read this crap!) but never a birthday. It's all yours!!! I made that perfectly clear to the Dr. that delivered T. One day earlier, or one day be it....just NOT the same day as anyone else!!!

Being a girl....The 1st day of 4th grade

Her chorus performance at Christmas in 3rd Grade.

At her 10th Birthday party....caught in a web!!

One of my favorite pics of her. This is one of those times she was laughing her little head off. Her smile is contagious!!

Happy Birthday

Madeline Ashley!!


Katherine said...

I wish I had a pic of the chocolate ice cream on the kitchen floor...Happy Birthday (a few days later) Mads.

P.S. She told me she was SOOO embarrassed when she got sung to at school and you were taking pictures! :)

The Sixth Sister said...

Oh, you make me laugh...I love the part about sharing birthdays! bahaha!

The BirdHouse said...

Happy belated birthday Maddie. You are a beautiful young lady who is growing up WAAAAY too fast!!!

John and Brieanne Dabney said...

I have to agree she's awesome! I can remember when she was so little in primary...doesn't seem that long ago. Any advice on appreciating a 3 year old who will one day grow up to be a 10 year old?