Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tanner and Madeline!!!

It's birthday season again!! We call it birthday season because all of our birthday's fall within 60 days of each other....and on top of that, all the babies are within 4 weeks of those 60 days...
so for us, it's a season.
This year, Tanner and Maddie's birthdays (the 27th and 29th) fall during the week, so we celebrated them together with a HUGE family party. Mom of the year(that's me!) went all out this year and got a GINORMOUS jumpy thing, and I must admit, they had a blast. The $$ was never better spent. Here are some pics of their awesome day!!

T Man's Cake!!

Kuddo's to Auntie Kelly!!

Madder's Cake!

Kuddo's again to Auntie Kelly!!

Super Giant Obstacle Course Jumpy Thing

Other end of the jumpy thing!

I won!! Just because he landed on top of me does not mean I was cheating!!

Eric and all the "Rents"

Ed, Eric, Dad, back of Janet, back of Mom.

Tanner totally beating Eric in the race.....

Eric and I got Tanner a new Nerf gun....fully auto, belt fed, fires 3 shots per second.

Having said that, you now know that we didn't get anything for T. We got it for all the "Big Boys"

to play with. Here is a pic of Tanner, Uncle John and Eric starting to put it together.

Uncle Levi, Uncle Wayne and Eric....again, putting the 7 yr. old's toy together.

Such kids. :)

Final product!!!

Riah, T, Maddie and Uncle Levi

in the jumper!

Maddie stuck in the web!

Me and my baby.....who isn't such a baby any more.....

We had tons of fun....and missed The Burns and Aunt Nicki.

Next guys come home for Halloween, ok?

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