Sunday, January 18, 2009

What we've NOT been up to.......

I get so many questions about how it's all going. How the kids are. How school is going. Do we need anything. So this is the post about our very mundane, boring, day to day, run like the wind, life.
First and foremost. Kids are amazing. Ok, my kids are amazing. Today. Tomorrow could be a completely different story. Maddie got the date for her ballet recital. (And as soon as she makes me mad enough, I have the worst pictures to post to make her mad!!...Oh, who am I kidding...those are going up next!! :) Her first ballet recital is June's a Saturday. Please make arrangements ahead of time, as we expect all Hotels, Motels, and church building gymnasiums to be rapidly sold out. She really is my child. You'll be able to tell when you see her dance. I've got to give it to her though. I'm a clutz. At least she's a clutz who's willing to fight like the dickens to be better. I hope she keeps this up. It sure is fun, regardless of how often we run like mad to practice every week.
Riah....forever my GA Bulldog!! She's been keeping up in school nicely. She's so much like her Daddy. Pay zero attention in class. Always "forget" to do the homework. Ace everything. Gag!! She's such a smart girl. She has been working through gymnastics this past year in order to get ready for cheerleading. She's so funny in her understanding of it all. I asked her this morning if she was sure that's what she wanted to do, and she said, "Um, yeah, but I'm only cheering for the Bulldogs!" Find me a bigger fan!!! I told her she'd have to work up through the younger football players, but if she plays her cards right, she'll be cheering for them in no time. (Too soon as far as I'm concerned!!)
Tanner is amazing, but will do his best to try and fool you. (Just ask Gradma!) He's excited for Grandma and Papa to move for one reason, and one reason he can go and visit WITHOUT his sisters. Other than that, I'm not sure you could pay the kid to come up with a good reason to move. Who doesn't want to live next door to these munchkins? He's blowing through 1st grade like the rocket scientist that he is, and frankly, I'm excited for 2nd grade. Maybe they know something he doesn't. He's been keeping himself busy with gymnastics as well, waiting for baseball to get started. We were talking about it the other day, and this was the convo we had:
Mom: T, you played baseball 2 years ago. You told us you hated it. Why the sudden change of heart?
T: Mom, that was T-Ball. All you do is hit the ball off a stick and stand in the field. That's NOT baseball.

Oh. Alrighty then. Clearly the child will need some actual interaction with the ball. Thank God for little boys, cuz I sure do love mine!!!

Me. Me, me, me, me, me!!! Ok, that's it!! Read the above few sentences.....that's what I do. Oh wait, both Jo and I made it through lay-offs at work. Thanks for all of your prayers and crossed fingers. My dept. was hit pretty hard, and the next few weeks is going to be interesting, but at least we have jobs!! School is amazing. Really, truthfully, amazing. It's work, but the work is so worth it this time around. If all goes well, I'll apply to the Nursing School in April 2010. That's not very far away!! Yeah!!!

Ok, that's it. We are great. Freezing, but great. (Since when was the south at a high of 12 degrees?) Everyone have a great year!!!!

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