Friday, March 27, 2009

If you never read another post....please read this one!!!

The 2010 Governor's state budget proposal eliminates school nurse funding in Georgia. I'm not asking you to help petition to change it because I'm headed into the field, or because I have a little monster who takes medicine at school given only by a nurse, but because ALL of our little people need nurses in school. I promise you my mother has hundreds of HORROR stories about the 8 of us and the number of times she was called to the school. (I was probably the majority of them....but who's counting???) We won't mention the time Kathy was playing teatherball and got knocked to the ground and the school said "she's fine".....and she had a broken arm. Or the time some silly boy in my 8th grade art class made me laugh and the half chewed paper clip in my mouth went scraping down the back of my throat....and scratched all my insides. Or the countless phone calls I get from the school telling me "Sariah fell off the monkey bars....flat on her back, but I think she's ok!"
Point being, we hire school administrators to administrate, teachers to teach, and janitors to clean. They don't get paid enough for what they currently do, why would you expect them to take on the added responsibility of dosing your child with the proper meds? I don't want to be the first parent who has to sue the entire school system for giving my child the wrong meds, thereby depleting any funds they ever thought they had to "fix" my child. Nurses aren't perfect, but at least they are trained to do a specific job. How would you like it if your accountant suddenly became your cardiologist? Bet there wouldn't be a budget proposal on that!!!

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***side was a stupid boy who made Kathy break her arm...not the teatherball, but that just makes my point even stronger*****

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Katherine said...

It wasn't the tether was a stupid boy. He tripped me. Stupid, stupid boy.

I voted.