Wednesday, June 17, 2009

....and a new story about Tanner.....

So...I didn't forget him. He finished school too. In fact, he's a freaking genius.

Let the story begin.....

....a few days before school gets out I get an email from T's teacher. He's aced the CRCT. That's standardized testing in GA....and he literally aced it. Out of some 100 odd questions (or more) and days of testing, he missed 1. What? 1? OMG. That's so cool. cool. I can't wait for him to test for advanced placement next year. forward......two from same teacher....

"I wanted to let you know...*edit for length and content*.....Tanner put on a ring at school today that was not his. Long story short, it didn't fit. He didn't tell me about it until it was time to go home. He had it on for roughly 4 hours. We tried to get it off in the classroom with water, soap and lotion. No luck. The finger was swollen, purple, and had me very concerned. We went to the nurse, she tried something luck. School nurse calls head nurse over the county and Tanner overhears this:

....yeah, I think we are going to have to cut it off!"
Tanner: CUT WHAT OFF??????

At any rate, they cut off the ring, gave him some ice and a candy bar, and the boy lost a little bit of his common sense that day.
I asked Tanner why he stuffed a ring on his finger that didn't fit. He very simply said to me:

"No, Mom, that's not how it was. It slid right on to my finger. It wasn't until time to go home that I tried to slip it off and it wouldn't budge."

Oh, I can't make fun...heck, they called my mom b/c I swallowed a paper clip!!
The swollen middle finger.....

At any rate...he's great. He learns a little more every day.....
and teaches his Mama something new too!!!

2nd we come!!!

Clearly a sleep in day!!!

Love this kid......He my favorite boy!!!

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