Wednesday, June 17, 2009

School's Out!!!

Nobody is more excited about this than me.....not even the kids.
No homework!
No bedtimes!
No schedules!
No nothing, but......

Staying up late.....
Sleeping in later......
Vacation, vacation, vacation!!!!
Grilling out every night.....
Watching movies until we just can't keep our eyes open......
Slip and slides.....
Slumber parties!!!!

Here are some pics of the last day of school.....a week or 3 ago....but end of school year pics none the less!!!

Mom and Riah out to lunch on the last day!!!
Who's the coolest mom ever???
Ok, not a quality shot....but a shot none the less!!
This is Riah getting 1 of her awards at the 3rd Grade award assembly.
She was so ready for this thing to be over with!!!
Maddie finishing 4th Grade!!
She is getting her Cookie "Dough" award here from
Mr. and Mrs. Kraemer.
She got the award for always having on the most matching,
coordinated outfits that are the most up to date,
and especially having perfect hair all the time.
The "Dough" was to indicate $$$....cute.
Hummmmm, wonder why she gets this award every year???Maddie and her BFF's Carrie and *yikes, I can't remember her name!!!*Some of the kids in Maddie's class!!

Yeah, schools out!!!

* the next post for Tanner's pics and story.....*

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