Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Birthday To Meeeeeeeeee!!!!

It's no secret.
There is a man in my life.
A man that makes me smile every morning.
A man that makes me giggle every night.
A man who loves every single part of me....good and bad,
A man who listens to every word I have to say (ALL of them...)
A man who accepts everything about me,
and loves all 3 of the littles that trail behind me.
He is my knight in shining armor.
He is what keeps me strong.
He is amazing.
I love you, E.

This year for my birthday, we went to Savannah for the weekend.
3 days in beautiful south GA.
We got there and as we
pulled into the resort, I touched the window of the car
and said to Eric,
"Um, it's warm outside!"

That explains it all.
We stayed at the Westin Resort,
Ate so many oysters it would make you sick,
and slept, and slept, and slept!!!

Enjoy the pics.....

Fountain buttocks in Savannah... :o)

The old Savannah Cotton Exchange.
On the other side on the bottom is the pub
we ate tons of oysters and crawfish at.
Look down below....

In the lobby at the Westin was the largest gingerbread
display I'd ever seen. It was the town of Savannah.
If you look below to the picture of the bridge,
this is their gingerbread rendition of it.

A bigger pic of the gingerbread town.

I love this pic. I love the piano.
I love that my birthday is at Christmas.

How cute, eh?
The waitress at our restaurant on
my birthday drew this on our doggie box.
love it.

View of the capitol from our room.

There was a wedding on my birthday at the resort.
We couldn't help but watch the entire thing.
It finally got cold, and the entire ceremony lasted 30 mins.

Bride and Groom having a kiss after they were marrhhwweeed...
and then she VERY quickly ran inside!
Brides are so cute.

The ferry that took us back and forth from the
resort to River Street.

Soooo cute and so convenient!!!

We are too cute!!!

Paula Deen's store!!!
This one is for Maddie!!!

This was someone's backyard!!!

This one too!!! LOVE what they did with the place!!

You know me and those old church's!!

Manger scene in the church.

Seriously love the church.

Very cool old houses turned into very cool businesses.

This one is for T. Biggest dog I've ever seen!!!
It was called "Dalmatian something or other....."

Ok, back up to the gingerbread bridge in the hotel....
This is it!!!
Super cool bridge you have to cross to get to the resort!

Super cool, big ole' houses outside the resort.

Story Time!!
We L-O-V-E the baby commercial about golf where
he says "shankapotamus". Laugh about it all the time.
Make the kids laugh about it all the time.
We sat down at the bottom of the old Cotton Mill
(note picture above)
and in front of Eric was engraved the above pic.
How funny is that?
I can't wait to show the kids!!!

More cool pub pics!!

Cool pic of the gingerbread town in the light. :o)

Yep, it's love. I am madly in love.

Kisses to you EC....

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The BirdHouse said...

Happy belated birthday. 29 never looked so good!!!♥ Remember when Liz said that when she turned 40, she was going to tell everyone that she was 50 so that people would marvel at how great she looked for being 50?? I thought about doing that but chickened out at the last minute because I figured people would believe that I really did look like I was 50. Anywho, you're going to have to try that in a few years and let me know how it works for you!! haha Luv ya!