Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Home Depot, Home, Home Depot, Home.....

In that order.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $ fact...
you'll need to spend what FEELS like that much
in order to do what I did.

I had this brilliant idea to paint the kitchen.  The idea, was to make the house flow....
make the kitchen more approachable, more inviting.
We accomplished that.  In fact, so inviting, that the sun moved in.  See below.
Sariah and Maddie helped scrape the old boarder off the green paint.....wallpaper should die!!!

And below is what we got after the 1st round.....

This color, my friends, is Burnt Amber.  
Like hell it is.
I said to Eric on Saturday night,
"'s bad.  Like REAL bad.  But maybe I can deal with it....we'll see in the morning."

I got up on Sunday morning and my retinas were permanently scarred. 
Therefore, we went back to Home Depot.

We retaped, put out more drop cloth, and washed a few more paint brushes....and got right back to work.
Wait, did I say "WE"?????  What, is there a mouse in my pocket????  
Saturday evening the girls were ALL about helping.  
Sunday, after we painted half the kitchen and mom said, to heck with this!, they gave up.  
Sunday, I was alone.  But with so much company......watching TV behind me.  :o) 
Can you feel the love all the way out here in Georgia??? 
This time, I painted it the way I wanted to paint it....not the way the paper said to paint it..
not the way Martha said to paint it....the way Sarah said to paint it.....and look how it turned out......

L.O.V.E. LOVE it!!!!
I told Mom after I was done that I swore there were
5 more feet between the sink and the stove.  
So....lesson learned.  
Now on to the bedroom!!!

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The BirdHouse said...

LOVE the color!!! It looks like the same color we have in the hallways. Which reminds me...Come see me!!!