Sunday, March 7, 2010

Valentines 2010

Helen, GA 
Feb. 14, 2010

Note to self....when kids are standing outside a candy store
and are so cold they don't want to go in.....
it's too cold!!!!!
We took the kids to Helen over the long weekend for Valentine's Day
We had so much fun.  Here are some pics...
Lunch at the nastiest, most expensive place in Helen.
$80 to feed them LUNCH!!!
Read on....
Freezing outside the toy store....
Um, still freezing....but what a cute pic!!!!
Long story short....
the restaurant mentioned above made T VERY sick.  
Barfy sick in fact.  Me and the girls were sitting in the 2nd 
hotel room with Eric while T was sleeping.  All of the sudden
we hear the strangest noise.  A barfing noise if you will.
Eric simply said
"that's all you...gogogogogogogogo!!!!!!"
T barfed up everything he ate, felt 1000000 x's better, 
took a long, hot shower, and brushed his teeth.
All the while, Eric was initiated to parenthood faster than
he ever thought possible.  I cleaned up the mess, took a shower myself, 
and this is what I came out to....

two boys playing on the computer....
happy as can be.
I love my boys.

Again...freezing...on day 2!
But loving it.  

Super cool horse carriage ride....
pretty pony.

"pretend you are having a good time!"
Cool Helen in the back.

Bakery in Helen.....
got some delicious things here.....

"Stop taking pictures of me!!!"

And a zillion dollars later...
was our trip to Helen.  
I think it'll be more fun for them in the summer.

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The BirdHouse said...

Do you know that we've passed through Helen about a gazillion times on our way to visit my mom and dad and have never stopped even once!?! Crazy huh? Now, thanks to you, I know never to!! haha