Friday, April 17, 2009

"Wednesday was the best day EVER!!"

Or so my children say. I was reminded this week of how very little your little ones need to feel appreciated or loved. Many of you know I'm in school, rapidly trying to obtain the dream of becoming a nurse, but was reminded this week that no matter the degrees we earn, the jobs we obtain, or the relationships we have, nothing is greater than the relationship we have with our families.
My study group met on Wednesday night. Too bad for them...they missed out on me. That's my night with the kids. Literally. Weekends are spent running errands, grocery shopping (oh how they despise it!), laundry, church, a study group if I can squeeze it in....basically being a mom. Monday night, get the kids in "school week" mode. Homework for them and a basic planing of the week. Tuesday and Thursday school for mom, ballet, Activity Day Girls and the park if Auntie JoJo can manage...and Friday they are off to their Dad's.
So Wednesday is "our" day. This week it consisted of the movie "Bedtime Stories", homemade nachos and ice cream topped with brownies and whoppers. (Sorry you weren't there mom!) I just didn't realize how much they enjoyed it until today. Today being Friday. Today being the last day I see them for 7 more days. On our way to school, it's the ritual:
Did you get your lunch?
Did you get your snack?
Did I sign off on everyone's homework?
Are you going to have a great day?

But today I was in for a treat. Today I asked, along with all the mundane morning questions:
"Did you have a great week?"
And I heard a resounding "YES!!! Especially Wednesday!!!"
I asked why?
"Because we didn't have homework, you didn't have school or lab, and we ate dinner together and watched a movie!!!"
Wow! I'm shocked, surprised, and a little saddened. How little it takes to show them how much you love them....despite how much you "have to do."
Did I really prioritize laundry, groceries, work and school over them? I did...and I'll never do it again. I want them to grow up with memories of us. Not memories of how Mom went to school. Gag....can you imagine???
At any rate....I'm no pro at being a fact, if you looked at one of my most recent posts, you'll realize that even I don't notice how quickly the time goes by. Love your children. Love them with everything you have, before you do anything else. They will grow up to be images of you. Oie-vey....can you imagine???

Just a quick....ok long....thought about being a mommy. I do love my most full time job....I love you Maddie, Riah and T.

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