Friday, April 17, 2009

April's funny from Tanner......

Basic Monday night. Mom going through Tanner's backpack. Looking at his school work from the previous week.
Prelude: Tanner does everything perfect. I'm not joking. In fact....the ONE time he brought home a "non" smiley face for his behavior grade, I freaked out. His teacher said, "Let him mess up!!! It's good for him. He needs to understand that feeling."
Me: Are you kidding me??????? Tanner doesn't mess up!!!!

I got over that.

Back to the story.

I'm reading over Tanner's work for the week. Everything is perfect. As usual.
UNTIL, I come to the "forbidden page!!!" The page with 3, count them, THREE errors, right in a row!!!! The conversation ensues:

Mom:(screaming from downstairs) TANNER!!!! Come down here.
Tanner: Yeah?
Mom: What's up with this paper? You missed three questions right in a row....ABOUT A PICTURE OF A GIRL SLEEPING!!!!
Tanner: Yeah.
Mom: Ok, what is she doing?
Tanner: She's sleeping.
Mom: So you understand what she's doing?
Tanner: Yeah
(mind you, the question is "What is the girl in the picture doing?")
Mom: So why in the world did you miss it?
Tanner: (With eyes half way rolled, half qwerkie grin on his face....) Um, yeah, Mom, I wasn't paying attention.
Me: Um.............................ok?

What do you do with a kid who's PAINFULLY honest?????????? I couldn't even get mad. He told me, plain and simple.....I wasn't paying attention. So I ask him the questions...and he answered perfectly. GAG!!!! FINE!!!! Don't pray for kids who are amazing....YOU WILL GET THEM!!!!

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