Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The moment you've all been waiting for.....

The 2009 Allgood Talent Show!!!!
Featuring our very own:

Maddie Bastings

Friday, March 1, 2009
Allgood Gymnasium

Get there early, as this event will be packed!!!

*Gramma and Papa, we'll post the video!!*

Anyone wishing to stay at my house is welcomed......just be prepared to pack a box or two!!!


Katherine said...

I'll be there...and I'm free on Friday for the most part, so let me know if I need to get there early-early to save seats or whatever.

do we need to pack boxes too? what's your plan?

Sarah said...

I'm picking Mads and her g-friends up early to go eat and get ready. After that...we are off to the school. If you want to stay at the house you are welcomed. And yes, if you find an empty box, put something in it!!! :o) We are "big" moving on the 15th-16th.