Friday, September 11, 2009


I remember when my grandparents went to Barbados for their 25th wedding anniversary. I imagine we had just as much fun. This was my 2nd favorite stop. We docked and then headed for our excursion. We got on a giant catamaran and sailed around to the beach. From that point, we got on another smaller boat and headed out to snorkel over a ship wreck. SO MUCH FUN!!! E and I had a blast!!!! Played with the pirates, swam in *schparkling* clear water, and got the beginnings of a great tan!!! Here are the pics!!!
Our view when we woke up in Barbados. I just love this kind of view.
It reminds me of the pictures my Dad would bring home from Africa.

Beautiful Barbados!!! Heat and humidity!!!!
And the view....ahhhhhhh!!!!!
Super cool boat we took to the beach. That's a slide. When we got
to the beach, they lowered it, and that's how you got off the boat.
I wish so bad I had one of those expensive water cameras
like K & J so I could take pics in the water!!!The beach we docked at.
Amazingly clear water. E and I must have swam out
100 yards. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!!!

Me and E after snorkeling. (those pics are coming soon!)3 Awesome Pirates!!! We played with them downstairs
so we didn't have to play with everyone else!!!Funny sign outside our docking point......

So....Barbados was awesome. We swam and snorkeled and
had an amazing time. I'd do it all over again tomorrow if I could.
Pics of snorkeling are coming. Had to put them on a disc.

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