Friday, September 11, 2009

St. Lucia

So, my head doesn't *heart* St. Lucia, but my heart sure does!!! Long story short....this was the honeymoon spot for the former Mrs. E. I had to create some new memories!!! :o) And boy did we ever. We hired a driver to take us around the island, and it was the best $50 we ever spent! We saw so many things, and had some great conversations. Here are the pics!

Beautiful Catholic church in St. Lucia. I just love em'.
Neato pic of the street. I've looked at this 1000 times and
every time get confused. I'd never be able to drive here!The entire WI has 2 fast food stops. This is one of them.
The other is Subway. Go figure.
Coming from the ATL, E and I had to laugh at this.
"This is your bottling plant? Wow!!!"E and I at the "top of the island".
Love this pic....
Outside the Governor's Mansion.
In the states that would be considered a house.
Us at the Sandal's Resort.... memories!!! :o)Fabo island of St. LuciaAmazing authentic food we ate in the streets of St. Lucia....
Street view of where they eat. Sat next to the man in blue....
but took the pic of the girl with multi-colored hair for Sariah!!

Ok.....more to come!!!!

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