Saturday, September 26, 2009

I am not Noah........nor his wife.....

We had a flood. A biggin.
The kids loved it because they were out of school for a week.
I loved it because I was at home with the kids for a week.

We did not love it because it tore up our town. It tore up our community. It messed with so many lives. I have never been so happy to be prepared. We had food, water, and not for a minute did we lose electricity. We were happy and warm. The kids think having a sound proof basement is the BEST, because they can sleep through the storms. (I was not so lucky. :o( )

We were lucky. VERY lucky. Little bit of water in the basement. (Still such a pain!!!) But nothing compared to what our own neighbors got. They were cleaning out their basement in the midst of the rain. It was different to be in the "middle" of it, and not be reading about it from 1000 miles away. It makes you stop. It makes you think. It makes you get your act together. Once in 500 years they said. ONCE!!! I will take another explanation. I'll get my food storage in tact. I'll take advantage of the space I have. I'll be ready next time. I have only a few pictures. It's amazing what you DON'T stop and take pictures of. I'm sure my parents are thankful.

This is our backyard. Saturated. Gross. Mosquitoes. Flies. Ants. The things they DON'T talk about when a flood happens.

We are dry. We are clean. We are safe. We are a family and we stuck it out together.

I love my kids.

My backyard. Ewhhhh.

If you click on this picture, you can see the rain drops.
It came down so hard and so long, you could capture it on film.

This is what we call a saturated yard.

Be careful what you pray for.........

Good luck and God bless all the families in Paulding and South Cobb County.

And if you read this before Sunday night,
go donate to your local School Box
for the kids of Clarkdale Elementary.
Or donate here on line.

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The Sixth Sister said...

I took my school supplies in on friday. Wish i could do more!! You should post pics more often!