Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not so sure where to start....

So, let's start with a list so I don't forget:  And in order of appearance........

Madeline-Wrapped up her last day in elementary school.  I, the lively 30-something girl of 3, now has a middle schooler.  Is that even possible?  I remember the day I took her to kindergarten.  There is NO WAY that was 6 years ago.

Sariah-Wrapped up her last day of 4th grade and is now on top of the world.  Starting her final year in elementary school (OMG....really??  This is not still happening!) and the first year without her big sis there to boss her around, show her the ropes.

Tanner-Wrapped up 2nd grade, is well on his way to having a perfect elementary school report card (yeah, all A's for 6 years....only 1 kid in Maddie's whole grade pulled that one off!) and is on a break for only 2 short months from baseball.  How odd....I miss the chaos.  I could really use a practice to race home and get to!

Now....On with the show!!

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