Thursday, June 24, 2010

Give me an "S"!!

And the last year of elementary school begins all over again.  With my baby girl.  We finished 4th grade high on the hog!  All "A" honor roll, awards you can't imagine and a teacher who taught both of us so much.  She finished gymnastics almost perfecting her round-off back handspring by herself, and in 3 short weeks, she's off to cheer camp!  We can't wait.  She'll be cheering for the same park Tanner plays baseball at....our intent is to buy stock and become rich and famous with it some day!  I love being a ball park mom.  I think I've waited all my life for this.

Riah supporting T at the Soap Box Derby race.  We got awesome matching
sunburns on our left shoulders that day.

Awards, awards, awards!!!

Riah getting her awards from her awesome teacher, Mr. H.

Mr. H. and Riah

and the awesomeness that begins in 3 weeks.....

That's actually a pic from last year....she'll be there next! 
Watch for that letter jacket that just says

5th we come!!!

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