Saturday, August 16, 2008

An Aunt Nicki, Tanner, cookie funny....

Auntie Nicki called tonight asking for the infamous chocolate chip cookie recipe while we were shopping for our before posted "Martha Stewart" moment. We finally got home and Tanner headed upstairs to play a game on my cell phone. 10 minutes into his game I hear this from upstairs:

Tanner: Hey mom!!
Mom: Yeah?
Tanner: Is it okay to leave the vanilla out of cookies?
Mom: What?
Tanner: It's Aunt Nicki..... (with a long pause which in 7 year old terms means "duh, hurry up!"
Mom: I guess.....sure.


I go upstairs....he's propped up on his bed, playing his game:

Mom: Did you tell Aunt Nicki?
Tanner: Yeah.
Mom: What did she say?
Tanner: Nothing....I mean, I can't remember.
Mom: Do I need to call her?
Tanner: No, I'm not starting my game over again.

Alrighty then!!! Hope your cookies turned out okay, Aunt Nicki!!!

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