Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tanner story of the day....Aunt Kelly, this one's for you!!

Picture this....
Tanner and I are doing our shopping at the infamous Wally World. We are minus the girls, which T LOVES!!! He's talking no short of a zillion miles a minute about anything he possibly can. We are waltzing through the isles over in HBA and i'm looking for body wash. Two other women are in the isle with us, and I get the "oh, he is so cute" comments. Thanks, he's mine. :) I turn to pick out body wash, and Tanner, with his internal MEGAPHONE voice, starts the following conversation:

T: Mom, what are those?
S: (I turn to find all the girly-girl products behind me) Girl stuff.
T: But what are they?
S: T, they are things that girls use.

**insert the women previously mentioned, laughing their heads off**

T: Well then, what are those sticks?
S: (OMG!!! I'm laughing at this point!!) Those are girl sticks. They are for girls, and at some future point, say, in 25 years, you'll have reason to know what those "sticks" are.
T: But Mom, (remember the megaphone voice, ladies and gents) what are they for?? You used to have some. I saw them in the bathroom under the sink.
S: (i've probably just picked a $45 bottle of body wash, and thrown it in the basket) T-it doesn't matter!!!!
T: Ohhhhhhh.....they're pearls, aren't they???

You can't make this stuff up!!!

It's ok, laugh. Laugh hard. It's like the faster I moved down the isle, the better look he got at all the "options". I seriously thought I was going to crack a rib I was laughing so hard!!!

Auntie Kel, don't laugh too hard!!!


John IV said...

HA HA HAA. Laughing my arse off at that one. One saving grace - they probably don't sell $45 body wash at Wallyworld. HA HA HA HA.

Oh yeah, Tanner and I need to get together and have a nerf war soon. I got a really cool gun! muwahahaha

The Sixth Sister said...

OMG! That is sooo funny. This is what I have to look forward to in 7years!!