Sunday, August 3, 2008

Vacation at Topsail Island, NC

Here are some pics from our vacation.

Not all....because I haven't pulled the ones from the camera yet.

The Beach House we stayed at-Props to the Schramm's!!!

A beautiful storm on the beach....I love the wind from the ocean!!

Sariah's favorite vacation spot. The jacuzzi tub. Her comment right before this pic:

"Mom, the bubbles won't stop!!!" Hey Riah, turn the jets off!!! :) She's too cute.

Sparkling clean Sariah after her soak!!! Look at the smile!!!

Pic of the dunes right outside our house. I love the ocean. I love the waves!!!

This is a town called "South of the Border". There were signs for it for miles, and we couldn't believe what we saw when we got there. Yep, that's a sombrero on the top of the water tower...and a roller coaster built inside of it. Ahhhh...felt like home!!

Ok, more pics to come later!!!

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