Saturday, August 16, 2008

Move over Martha Stewart....

Ok, maybe she doesn't need to move over, but my kids sure do think I'm cool!!! School is starting Monday (gag!) and we spent the day with Auntie Kathy and Uncle Levi doing our last minute shopping. Needless to say, I couldn't have done it without them, so props to the Auntie's and Uncle's. Along with school starting, so does Gymnastics and Ballet. And of course, we couldn't be starting all of that without the proper essentials. I have to share with you how we made out in our shopping....and how we made our shopping our own!!!

Here is Sariah with her uber cute Gymnastics bag. Note the cutie, cute monogram.
Martha came to our house and put that on for us!!

Here is Maddie with her uber cute Ballet bag.
Martha came and put her initials on it for us as well.

And then there is Tanner....and if you've ever read a post from our beloved Tanner, you know are certainly in for a treat:

Ok, this is Tanner's bag. If you can't tell from the pic, it's the back. Eric tells me day in and day out, I'm turning him in to the kid who has his name on all his shirts......he's only partially correct. This isn't his "name", it's his initials. :) T insisted if the girls get special bags with thier names and stuff on them, then so does he. So be it. I called him in to see it after I was done. He took it over to his new lunch box, and said the following:

"Look, Mom. It's like it's supposed to be there. My initials on my Nike bag match the swoosh on my Nike lunchbox, that match my new Nike shoes. All the kids are going to love my Nike stuff!"

At least he is the kindest, most gentle, amazingly matching kid with his initials on his back!!!

My kids think I'm cool.....that's all that matters to me!!

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Anne said...

We love the bags!!! Initials on the back - who would've thunk it? Go Nike. Awesome job Mom!